Best Books for Preparing for SSC JHT

Best Books for Preparing for the SSC JHT

general English and general Hindi

1. SP Bakshi’s “Objective General English”

The English language is covered in-depth in this book, and there are plenty of practice questions as well.

2. Norman Lewis’ “Word Power Made Easy”

A necessary resource for increasing vocabulary, which is critical for performing well on the English component of the exam.

3. Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh’s “A Mirror of Common Errors”

This book is an excellent tool for deciphering and fixing frequent English errors.

4. Wren & Martin’s “High School English Grammar & Composition”

a well-known grammar manual that aids in laying a solid basis for English.

5. Manwendra Mukul and Dr. Binay Karna’s “Lucent’s General Knowledge”

a respected general knowledge book, which is crucial for the SSC JHT exam.

Writing essays and translating

6. Pulkit Khare’s “Essays for Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations”

This book offers a wide variety of essays on different subjects to help with essay writing practice.

7. Dr. Harimohan Jha’s “English-Hindi Translation Course”

A thorough practice translation manual, necessary for Paper II.

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