Exam Paper: SSC CGL Tier - 1 2017 (General Awareness) - MEMORY BASED

Staff Selection Commission
Combined Graduate Level Examination


General Awareness Question Paper

1. SI unit of work?
Ans. joule

2.Which is Cation?
Ans. Positively Charge Ion

3. Dynasty came after Tugalak?
Ans. Sayed Dynasty

4. Rusting is ______ process
Ans. oxidation

5. SI unit of force?
Ans. newton

6. How many members are nominated by President in Lok Shabha?
Ans. 2

7.Minimum Age of vice President for Selection?
Ans. 35

8.One question was asked related to name of the famous Book. 

9.One question related to Awards?

10. Match the following artists with music instrument
Flute-Hari Prasad Chaurasia

11.Who was the Winner of 2016 Man Booker Prize?
Ans. Sellout

12. Who received polly umrigar Award in 2011-12?
Ans. Virat Kohli

13. Recently USA made which country as Major defence Partner?
Ans. India

14.2016 EKUVERIN” the joint military exercise has started between India and which country?
Ans. Maldives

15.What is quo warranto?
Ans.. Quo warranto is used to test a person’s legal right to hold an office, not to evaluate the person’s performance in the office

16. Son of Chandragupta Maurya ?
Ans. Bindusar

17.Which of the following does not form smoke?

18. Movement along supply curve?

19. Where is the temple of Patal Bhairav Temple?
Ans. Ujjain

20.which commission is replaced Niti Ayog ?
Ans. Planning Commission

21.The rate at which Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks within the country. It is called?
Ans. Reverse Repo rate

22.Who was the Inventor of Laser Printer?
Ans. Garry Starkweather

23. Duncan Passage is a strait in?
Ans. Indian Ocean

24. Snake is from which group? 

25.What is the Unit of Pressure?
Ans. Pascal